148 Days and an Introduction

*This was my first blog, it’s boring a rubbish, don’t read it unless you’ve read everything else I’ve ever written and love me so much you won’t judge


I’m an athlete training towards the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. I train full time and work part-time. I’m not the world’s most naturally talented athlete, I’m also probably not the world’s hardest working athlete, but what I have always had is an inquisitive mind, a logical thought process and access to the internet. What I mean by this is that I have a long history of injuries (what athlete doesn’t), but because of this I’ve had to reign myself back more often than not, to protect my delicate body and basically develop a far more efficient way of training.

The aim of this blog is to both chronicle the weekly progress of my training, but also some of my attempts to apply quantification to the art of athletic training and just write about some of the odd stuff I do to try and get better. Topics could include diet, training methods, psychology, recovery and/or monitoring, absolutely none of which I’m qualified to discuss. Some of the things I try will be founded firmly in science, others will be borderline at best, some will be complete hippy bullish*t but the aim is to document a series of n=1 experiments on an elite’ish athlete

148 Days


148 days ago I had an operation, they cut off a chunk of my calcaneous bone, removed my bursa and de-brided my achilles tendon (whatever that means). Yesterday I did my first pole vault session with my fantastic new scar, and thats what inspired me to start this blog. A mere step on the road back to competing but a step nonetheless.

Four years of insertional achilles tendinopathy problems took me to this point. In this time I tried all sorts of therapies:

Massage, orthotics, physiotherapy, ultrasound, cold laser therapy, eccentrics, isometrics concentrics, kinesio tape, applied kinesiology, ESWT (x3), a steroid injection, a strasbourg sock, compressions socks, EMS and all sorts of supplements.

As you can probably guess none of them worked that well. Well, the first time I had ESWT it actually worked wonderfully, and I had a complete year of relief but then it came back with a vengeance.

But back to the point, I don’t regret the operation because the rehab is generally going well and because I tried every possible alternative before under going the knife. Always bear in mind that in the situation of an injury any expert you talk to can only try and fix it with their given tool set e.g. a massage therapist will work on you soft tissues in a non-invasive way and a surgeon will want to cut you.

The Rehabilitation

So I’ve rambled a lot more than I intend to in future blogs but just to give you a taster of the way I approach these things I’ll give you a breakdown of the the system I used post-operation:

Week 0-2: Immobilised in a cast, complete no-weight bearing, spent most of the time sat down to recover, increased zinc intake for wound healing and vitamin c for collagen repair.

Week 2-6: AIr cast, so increased mobility and progressing walking on the boot, vitamin C still high and using EMS on the calf to maintain muscle and increase blood flow for healing

Week 6-12: Progress to walking without the boot, maintain EMS, Started a course of serrapeptase to break down excessive scar tissue and begin soft tissue work on the scar

Week 12-20: As loading continues to build, continue breaking down scarring manually but began cissus quadrangularis to promote strengthening as loading continues

So thats a brief overview of my rehab, maybe I’ll go into more detail some other time, maybe I’ll find something more interesting to post about, maybe my English skills will improve, maybe someone will read this. Weirder things have happened


Hello, I’m writing a blog, I had an operation, I rehabbed, and now I’m writing a blog about the next year of my athletics career and the weird stuff I do to make myself better.

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