Correlating Injury, Illness and Holistic Dentistry


Theres only two ways to improve on training on your own. The first is to get a good coach, and the second is to get a good training group around you. If you get a good group of people around you it can really help you in many aspects of your training, the support of people trying to achieve the same goals as yourself, who understand what you’re going through, but also the energy. When your feeling tired and down and don’t want to finish the session you can feed off the energy of these people and power through, or you can get what happened at the track today….

There must have been some kind of funky alignment of the stars today which focussed on NIAC or something, but everyone came to the session in a good mood and ready to train, and it just escalated from there. One person did a sick vault, then someone else a storming run, another making great technical changes, one after another people pulling performances out. The first law of thermodynamics is usually butchered and stated as “energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be changed from one form to another”, so I apologise to anyone who reads this and had a lack of energy today, we had it all down the track.

I apologise for this outburst of feelings, normal cynicism will resume for the rest of this blog.

Tracking HRV

So as part my on-going quantification process, I’ve been tracking my Heart Rate Variability (HRV, see previous blog). Now I’ve not used it to shut down any of my sessions yet, but something interesting was monitored last week.

All of my HRV values so far

See the arrow on the picture above, that my friends was Friday 4th October. There is a significant drop on that day, which I was aware of when I took the reading first thing in the morning, but I felt great as a I headed to training so didn’t think much of it. I then proceeded to put down some really good times (for me) in my flying 20s that day, thinking “that HRV is rubbish, mind over matter, I can outperform what the numbers say” etc. Then I tore my plantar fascia.

Nothing majorly serious, just a deloading week would be required and then start building back up, but thats not where the weirdness stops.

Adding Illness to Injury

Later that night I felt awful. I’m usually tired from training but this was another level. I go to bed super early and the next morning I wake up and the gland just under my left jaw is as big as a grape (I know this isn’t the worlds most exciting simile, but its true). Combine this with some inflammation with by my lower rearmost wisdom tooth on that side and it was pretty sore.

Of course I didn’t take it easy at training that day either, like the idiot that I am. Though my HRV values had gone back up so the tech said I could train so why not. but you can again see in the picture how my values were low for the next couple of days as I recovered. Now I’m not sure if those values are because of the inflammation in my gland/tooth or from the damage in my foot, but the app was re-confirming that something wasn’t good, so I took a couple of easy days and I’m all good now.

But that isn’t the weird bit.

Hollistic Dentistry

So I was listening to podcast on hollistic dentistry (yep, that really happened, and no, that wasn’t the weird bit either). The dentist was talking about how each tooth lies on certain meridians and can affect other parts of the body. Well I knew my tooth had been hurting so I checked out his website and saw this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.43.55
Did you ever think you’d be looking at a Meridian Chart of the teeth? How awesome is this blog for making you do that?

The bottom third molar tooth on the left, number 38, my tooth which had been hurting was related to the plantar foot.

Now this is probably no more than coincidence. I mean that tooth meridian chart looks almost as all-encompassing as my horoscope published in the Sun newspaper, but in my quest to remain open-minded I do find this connection interesting if nothing else.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any underlying message of great wisdom to convey this week, or out their theory based on vast extrapolations from real science. Maybe I’m just venting my deep seated worry that the more I learn, the less I feel able to discern between techniques of true validity and complete mumbo-jumbo which has no relevance, but I’ve still somehow managed to draw some logical line of reasoning about. Damn you brain

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