How do you tie your shoes?

Apologies. I wanted to do a big write-up of  my American trip, I had 5 hours set aside on my first plane journey to do some writing but my self-discipline deserted me. I arrived back in the uk today at 11am, so sleeping on a plane and then the compounding jet lag has left me a useless wreck today, again, rubbish excuses, but in order to buy myself more time, a short blog on tying shoe laces.

Its those shoes you wear

Did you know there’s two ways to tie your shoes? A weak way and a strong way. Depending on the methodology of how you were taught (standard methods include rabbit running around the tree then down the burrow or strangling the alien) you will have probably tied your shoes one way or the other for your entire life and either thought your shoe tying skills were adequate or wondered why your laces always became untied particularly when you have leather laces.

Observing the two knots they will look the same but under tension, depending on which way the rabbit ran around the tree, the strong version will align with the tension and not give, the other will orient itself at 90 degrees to the tension making the knot easier to slip and become undone.

Even if your shoes never untie themselves is it still useful to know there are two knots? Will knowing the variations help you decide if you’ve made the correct choice? After having tied your shoes one way your entire life, would you invest the time to change your default tying motor pattern and re-learn for a negligible advantage?

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