Posture is Sexy

So, some time in the past, I might have had a conversation about what I find attractive in women, and during this conversation I might have said good posture, and I might have got laughed at, a lot. But I stand by my statement, there’s too many people walking around with no clue how to use their body at all, and good posture in your average movement patterns is a hint towards this.

The most commonly occurring aesthetic offences:

The duck feet :

Just think about, stop cheating you lack of dorsi-flexion, get those flutes working, turn them straight and use your tissues properly. Standing duck feet there’s no excuse, everyone spotted doing this should have to quack, loudly, for a prolonged period of time. Negative reinforcement never fails.

The T-rex posture:

Not wanting to seem sexist (a completely different proposition to not wanting to BE sexist), unfortunately the t-rex is most often seen in women and is exacerbated both by extremely high heels and seemingly alcohol.

My first ever photoshop effort, enjoy
My first ever photoshop effort, enjoy

The Terrible Internal Rotation, or for short, the TIT:

Yes I can see you go to the gym, yes I can see you spend most of your time benching and no, that incredibly tight t-shirt is not hiding the horrendous internal rotation of your shoulders that’s going to lead a life-time of shoulder impingement problems. Do you even myofascially release bro?

Is chav a politically incorrect term?

I don’t know, and I don’t mean offence, but the word itself still conjours up an image in my mind of a track-suited youth shouting at me down the street, perhaps because my gaze wondered a little too close to the space he was occupying at that instant, meaning he has every right to enquire of me “what you looking at mate?” in what some may describe as on overly aggressive tone. But look closer, said youth (at least in my mind) has an external rotation of the femurs, a little duck feeted. He also has a touch of the internal shoulder rotation in an alpha male attempt to make the most of his meagre pectorals.

Could it possibly be that his aggression to where I gander is inextricably linked to his posture?

I refer to this particular set of symptoms as having a tight ‘personality sling’ (I haven’t made it all the way through Myers’ Anatomy trains just yet, but i’m pretty sure he missed this one). A sling being a continuous line of fascia running through several muscle groups, a tightness or adhesion somewhere along this chain therefore affecting the whole line. An example of a fascial chain may be the continuous line of fascia that runs through your calf, hamstring, glutes, back and neck, wraps around your skull and inserts at your forehead.

Tightness in the ‘personality sling’, causes external rotation of the legs, internal rotation of the shoulders and an overly aggressive approach to life. Fact!

Posture is a manifestation of internal mindset

You may be screaming at the screen now, exclaiming what an idiot I am, or more likely you just flicked onto another page in your browser. Well if you stayed, thanks, and could I just ask you to check to see if your posture caused that outrage?

Think about it, the shy person who curls themselves up into a ball making themselves smaller and less noticeable in company. The confident person walking tall into a room, we already know that posture reflects who we are and what we’re thinking, it’s a subset of body language. Temporary postures indicating transient emotional states. Permanent postures giving a deeper indicator of who we really are.

So back to why posture is sexy

So in a round about way, what I’m saying is that posture is sexy because it gives me an insight into who you are as a person before I pluck up the courage to walk across the room and try to talk to you in an obviously doomed attempt at pick-up. Good posture to me suggests that at first pass you have no obvious personality defects, that you’re a confident person and that maybe we could have a good conversation. Now I’m not saying that walking around with an excessive lordosis and early gait heel rise (think “stripper posture”) definitely means that you’re more likely to cheat on a prospective partner, but I’m just not personally willing to take that risk.


Thanks for Reading


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