I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10

Two things happened this week, Craig Pickering wrote a blog on sleep (don’t know why I’m promoting his stuff after he spammed my news feed all week with it, also feel free to catch up on the times where I’ve written about sleep here and here), and I had to work an extra couple of hours because the tea house was hosting a poetry reading. The cross pollination of these two life events made this happen:


Extra things on at work mean we end up getting away late,
We normally shut at 6, but today don’t leave till way past 8.
The manager sees the extra effort, and being pretty cool,
offers to take us out after, for some beers, a hang out and to play some pool.
The idea sounds appealing, a nice way to wind-down, but then,
“Sorry, I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10.”

The newest Hollywood blockbuster launches, trailer really looks my taste,
The mates are all excited, and organise to go post haste.
Sat down for two hours, popcorn or pick’n’mix, fizzy drinks and such,
A bit of junk food and a good laugh shouldn’t affect training that much.
Then, alas, texts fly round about the 9 o’clock showing, so again,
“Sorry I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10.”

Been hanging out with this girl and we seemed to be on to a winner,
that was of course, up until the point where she asked me out for dinner.
“What the bloody hell?” I said “Who eats their food that late?
I need a protein rich post-training meal as soon as I stop lifting weight”
The final straw came at the suggestion of going for drinks later when
I replied “Sorry I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10”

Standing at the finish line, out of breath but satisfied with the day,
Finally all the hard works paying off, things are going my way.
I’m caught in the mixed zone, stopped, and asked for interview
“This years seems to be going so well, have you changed something in your training? what did you do?”
The answer that had haunted me all year got trawled out once again
“I’m an athlete, I prioritised recovery, I went to bed at 10”

How was that? Enjoy or detest my ability to force words into a semi-rhyming semi-structured format? If you enjoyed it please share the love and lets see if I can win a literary award.


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