The Breakfast Biscuit Fallacy

Ask anyone what their favourite meal of the day is and over 50% of people will generally say breakfast (I should definitely have a more robust statistic to base this whole argument on than the one I just fabricated, but bear with me). Why breakfast? Well my hypothesis is, that somehow over the years we’re become convinced that eating dessert foods for breakfast is acceptable. And it certainly is not. Just compare:

Frosted flakes breakfast cereal, per 100g: 375 kcal, 37g of sugar

Victoria sponge cake, per 100g: 403kcal, 32g of sugar

They’re pretty close.

The change from eating actual food for breakfast was initiated by the cereal companies themselves. Breakfast cereals have some of the highest mark-up of any foodstuff you buy in a supermarket (43.5% according to one unnamed source, an actual source from the internet no less). This is what happens when you take a super cheap crop like corn or wheat and process the c**p out of it to make it edible, you also need to add a boat load of sugar and salt to make it palatable which is an equally wonderful thing for our health. All the processing muddies the true value of the food stuff, so you can easily charge £1.50 for a product that costs around only 80-90p. That much mark-up leaves the company selling this product a huge amount of budget for advertising, where you can initially tell people how great these cereals are, and after adding part of a multi-vitamin tablet to the nutrient sparse ingredients, you can even advertise how nutritious they are as well. And lets face it we’re all suckers so we bought it.

We’re now at a stage where the vast majority of the population can’t even remember a time when people ate something other than processed rubbish for breakfast. So clearly this is the perfect time to make the next step.

Rather than continuing to mask the dessert-like nature of breakfast cereals, they’ve now gone whole hog and brought out the breakfast biscuit, for the person so un-concerned about their health they’re not even willing to take the time to pour milk any more. I can only imagine the breakfast brownies and breakfast creme brûlées of future generations

The breakfast biscuit is the next logical step along a road which should never have been travelled. It makes sense as a breakfast now, if you don’t understand that the first step was erroneous. The leap from a traditional cooked English Breakfast is too much. You need the intermediate mis-leading steps along the way to get you there.

The Fallacy

And this, I propose to you, is the Breakfast Biscuit Fallacy. To make a stepwise improvement in something that should probably never exist in the first place.

How many times do you see improvements made to a system that should just be entirely thrown out? A throwing out process that cannot be initiated because “its the way its always been done”.

Too many people would rather see a breakfast biscuit than a paradigm shifting boiled egg.

If we don’t become aware of these breakfast biscuits, we just increase the dogma.

Down with the breakfast biscuits I say.

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