When do you want it?

Watch any motivational video on youtube and the question usually posed is “How much do you want it?”. This is usually reinforced by a sexily cut montage of either epic performances or the really tough work-outs that led to these performances. But I ask you this question, of all the athletes who give up their days, evenings and weekends to train at the track, how many of them don’t want it?

As the amount we “want it” would normally be measured in blood, sweat and tears, all liquids, therefore we obviously quantify “wanting it” by using millilitres. Two guys on the track blasting out 300m reps in the depths of winter one wants it 100ml, the other 110ml. Clearly the 110ml guy gets more out of the session. My argument would be that its very easy to “want it” at the track. Running reps, jumping bars, lifting weights, these are all really easy times to “want it”.

Do you want it when its the end of the session and time to do abs? another 10ml

Do you want it enough to stretch and cool down thoroughly? another 10ml

Do you want it enough to go home and eat an optimal meal for recovery? another 10ml

Do you want it enough to take that epson salts bath? 10ml

Do you want it enough to do your fascial release work before bed? 10ml

Do you want it enough to go to bed rather than stay up a bit later and watch that film? 10ml

Every extra effort is another few ml. These are the ml that add up over the course of the week, just in one evening theres an extra 60ml. These are the hard bits. Once you’re at the track, there is very little difference between giving 100% and giving 110%. Thats the easy bit, the bit everyone enjoys doing. But its the accumulation of all the other bits that adds up and makes the big differences. I’d argue it’s far more difficult to turn down a sticky toffee pudding thats put in front of you after dinner than it is to finish your prescribed work out. Far more difficult to head home early from a night out with your friends to get to bed. Far more difficult to stop eating cereal for breakfast.

Admittedly, the questions I pose probably wouldn’t make such a good youtube montage, but like I say, its less about how much you want it, but when you want it? Do you want it all the time? Is every decision you make moving you forward toward your goal? Maybe I’m completely off-base, but its a thought.

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