What time does training start?

10am when you arrive at the track?

9am when you do your visualisation to maximise todays session?

8.30am when you eat the appropriate fuel for the session?

8am, when you get up with enough time to be 100% ready for your session?

10.30pm as you go to bed with enough time to get a good nights sleep so you’re ready to go tomorrow?

9.30pm whilst you stretch and mobilise so your body is good for tomorrow?

7pm eating your evening meal (I wont get into the dinner/tea debate here) fully recovering from todays session and fuelling for the next?

3pm an afternoon of relaxation to conserve energy for tomorrows track?

2pm as you consume the optimal post-session recovery nutrients so you’re good to go again the next day?

1pm as you cool down properly, helping calm the nervous system and restoring tissue length to optimise your body’s ability to restore itself and heal up ready to train again tomorrow?

10am when the previous days training starts where training volumes are considered and effort managed to to both maximise outcomes on that day but also potentiate the following days efforts?

Or at least thats what I said to my coach when he asked me “What time does training start?” at 10.03 this morning

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