10 reasons to buy a t-shirt

Theres a reason that I’ve never written a list-type blog before. They are a popular way to get more clicks to a particular site, and they look really good when shared on Facebook, but I feel that morally this would be sinking low, and using a trick to get more visits to my site. Well that time has come ladies and gentlemen, with 14 t-shirts sold so far, things are going really well, I just hope this next piece of sales propaganda works as well as I hope it will.

Thank you for the support so far.

Ten reasons you need to buy a t-shirt:

1) Have you read and/or enjoyed 1 or many of my blog posts, can you really put a price on your own happiness?

2) Are you highly moral and currently boycotting a certain athletic apparel brand? I can promise that none of this money will ever end in the pocket of a two-time doping violator

3) These are a limited edition QA t-shirt, only available until the start of May, once the sale ends, you will never EVER be able to buy these exact t-shirts again (though fairly similar ones may be available)

4) Become a Quantified Athlete yourself, have the smug knowledge that you know what QA stands for, and maybe we could even come up with a secret handshake to greet each other?

5) Appropriate for all t-shirt uses, goes well with jeans, training gear, functions as pyjamas and is actually incredibly absorbent if you decide to use it to mop up spills

6) You’re just bloody generous and want to help support me in my athletics, you’ll get a t-shirt anyway, just donate it to some topless guy in the park the moment sunshine dares to crack through the clouds again

7) Like betting on a sports game, having money invested in me will make the whole emotional roller coaster of my outdoor season far more exciting, follow my progress on twitter (@pauljameswalker) and prepare to laugh, cry, cheer and moan (*actual changes in emotional state not guaranteed)

8) Are you ever too cold when you go topless? But too warm with a winter jumper on? this could be your answer

9) Is your slanket (blanket with sleeves for those that missed that pop culture revelation) a bit too big? The sleeves too long? and doesn’t wrap around your body closely enough? This could be the alternative you’ve been looking for

10) Can you see how I’m really grasping at straws now? 10 just sounds like such a catchy number so I had to make it somehow, also, by making it to 10 I’ve probably satisfied 60% of you because your OCD tendencies wouldn’t be comfortable with me ending on an odd number. If my considerate nature in this matter isn’t a reason to buy a t-shirt then I don’t know what is?

If you can think of any other reasons to buy a t-shirt, you’re probably right, so go ahead and buy one.

Lets see how this goes down

Check out the campaign here:


Thanks again, and if you really, really don’t need a t-shirt, Id still appreciate you sharing this, because you never know who hasn’t discovered that wonderful layer of cotton between the jumper and their own skin.


Paul x

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