Give me a break!

Training was going amazing, and then I had a ridiculous nerve issue which caused me pain in my foot. I missed two running sessions and a pole vault session. Just when everything was going so well. Then, on top of that the first pole vault session back I broke a pole didn’t I? This caused me to strain muscles in my hands and forearms so I can barely hold a pole. This happened 5 days before my first competition of the season where I was supposed to be captaining my country at the Loughborough International. On not being able to compete I was withdrawn from the team and never got to be captain. On top of all this I then had to turn down an interview with BBC Wales because I wasn’t actually competing anymore. I have the worst luck.


Since indoors I have had some of the most consistent and best training sessions of my life, putting together over two months of great work. In that time nearly no niggles or injuries at all. The other week I did pick up a small nerve issue in my foot, but because of the great physio team I have access to through Welsh Athletics I only really ended up missing one pole vault session, they do a great job helping me look after my body, I don’t know what I’d do without them. This break from training probably worked quite well to allow me to freshen up coming into the season anyway. On my return from this enforced break I was doing a pole vault session and ended up snapping a pole. This was really bad luck but these things do happen. I was really lucky that I came away relatively unscathed, no cuts or broken bones, I could easily have been really hurt. A couple of days and I’ll be all good to go again. Unfortunately, due to these incidents I had to pull out of the Loughborough International, I was no where near ready to compete so this is probably for the best. I didn’t get a chance to captain my country this time, but it was such an honour to even be asked and I really wish all the guys the best during the competition. I also had to turn down an interview with the BBC about the meet because I wasn’t competing anymore, this wasn’t enjoyable, but its always cool to be asked, and like all these perks, if I keep going with the vaulting, more opportunities will present themselves.

Also, the quantified athlete t-shirts have arrived and they are such nice material and a really good fit. I think they turned out really well, hope everyone enjoys them as much as I will.

The story you tell yourself is entirely up to you

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