What’s holding you back?

You hear it all the time in a post-race interview, but when do you really see it in real-life “I gave it 110%”. Did you really?

Despite the obvious numerical fallacy in the statement how often do you see that any more? That whole-hearted, jumping in with two feet kind of commitment?

Perhaps its a function of the more reserved society that we operate in? Perhaps its because we’re always told to keep our options open? But keeping an option ultimately means keeping one foot in the boat whilst you dip a toe and test the water, where as maybe we should be diving straight in? (many a lifeguard may disagree with this sentiment but its a metaphor)

The biggest question in these circumstances seems to revolve around “but what if it doesn’t work out?”

Planning to minimise risk is different to keeping your options open. Richard Branson started Virgin airlines under the agreement that he could return the aircraft at zero cost if it didn’t work out, thats minimising risk but still going for it.

Its possible that it doesn’t work out, but thats a good thing. Its been a learning experience. Knowing that you fully committed to what you wanted to do at that very moment means there can be zero regrets after the fact. You gave it 110% and it didn’t work, thats fine, you can walk away knowing that it wasn’t to be. Don’t be that guy at 80, sitting in a chair and wondering what-if.

What’s holding you back? Just go for it.

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