Give me a break!

Training was going amazing, and then I had a ridiculous nerve issue which caused me pain in my foot. I missed two running sessions and a pole vault session. Just when everything was going so well. Then, on top of that the first pole vault session back I broke a pole didn’t I? This caused … Continue reading Give me a break!

Who got on to (crowd) funding?

Way back in the day, when roofs were still thatched and your car was fuelled by grass, because it was a horse, athletes used to work full-time jobs AND train. Crazy huh?! I think I may be one of the few athletes left competing in Britain who still refers to the British Trials as the … Continue reading Who got on to (crowd) funding?

The Dangers of an Open Mind

When I was young, I loved maths and science. I got asked a question and knew I could give a right answer. I couldn’t stand the foofiness (pronounced foo-fee-ness) of say English Language, where I was asked to interpret a poem, and then told that my interpretation was wrong, as if the teacher had been … Continue reading The Dangers of an Open Mind

I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10

Two things happened this week, Craig Pickering wrote a blog on sleep (don’t know why I’m promoting his stuff after he spammed my news feed all week with it, also feel free to catch up on the times where I’ve written about sleep here and here), and I had to work an extra couple of … Continue reading I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10

Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?

Analysing the standard “fairy tale” structure there is a general trend if we follow the fortunes of the protagonist, lets use the epic tale of Cinderella as an example (spoiler alert: the following contains spoilers for the story of Cinderella if you’ve never read or watched it and intend to do so): Things start good … Continue reading Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?