Do You Even Meditate Bro?

So this week I’m going to talk about something I’ve been playing with recently, meditation, and I’m going to try and avoid all the foofy language that goes with it, but unfortunately we’re not dealing with the hardest form of science here so I might have to resort to discussing my feelings at some point … Continue reading Do You Even Meditate Bro?

Monitoring Meaningful Metrics

So my start to the outdoor season hasn’t been stellar, but it has been the best I’ve ever had (even though it actually included 1 indoor competition, don’t ask). It would be very bizarre as a pole vaulter if I thought I was in this kind of shape, then went into my first competition and … Continue reading Monitoring Meaningful Metrics

Correlating Injury, Illness and Holistic Dentistry

Energy Theres only two ways to improve on training on your own. The first is to get a good coach, and the second is to get a good training group around you. If you get a good group of people around you it can really help you in many aspects of your training, the support … Continue reading Correlating Injury, Illness and Holistic Dentistry

The Importance of Feedback and Sleep

Modesty I honestly didn’t think writing this blog would have an affect on anyone. I kind of expected people to find it amusing, in that “Paul, you crazy” kind of way. But probably the biggest interest people have shown is in the actual monitoring of sleep. I talked about using the sleep cycle app early … Continue reading The Importance of Feedback and Sleep

Testosterone, Alcohol and the Athlete

A Big Night Out Well not a lot to report training wise, as since I posted last, I’ve only done one training session and now I’ve started my end-of-season-break. That one session was pretty good though. I ran a p.o.b. (post-operative best) in flying 20s, of 2.11 seconds. Flying 20s are a rough measure of … Continue reading Testosterone, Alcohol and the Athlete