The Breakfast Biscuit Fallacy

Ask anyone what their favourite meal of the day is and over 50% of people will generally say breakfast (I should definitely have a more robust statistic to base this whole argument on than the one I just fabricated, but bear with me). Why breakfast? Well my hypothesis is, that somehow over the years we’re … Continue reading The Breakfast Biscuit Fallacy

The Dangers of an Open Mind

When I was young, I loved maths and science. I got asked a question and knew I could give a right answer. I couldn’t stand the foofiness (pronounced foo-fee-ness) of say English Language, where I was asked to interpret a poem, and then told that my interpretation was wrong, as if the teacher had been … Continue reading The Dangers of an Open Mind

Luck, the uncontrolled variable

Eggs I went to the market the other day, trying to get some extra large, extra delicious farm fresh eggs (the extra large ones have a 72% greater probability of being double yolkers, true fact). The market runs from 9.30am till 1pm. I arrived at 12.30pm and they only had large ones left. This was … Continue reading Luck, the uncontrolled variable

Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?

Analysing the standard “fairy tale” structure there is a general trend if we follow the fortunes of the protagonist, lets use the epic tale of Cinderella as an example (spoiler alert: the following contains spoilers for the story of Cinderella if you’ve never read or watched it and intend to do so): Things start good … Continue reading Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?

Friday Brainstorm

How did it get to Friday already? I was having severe difficulty coming up with something to write about, probably because I’ve been so distracted by all the agents and kit manufacturers trying to contact me and get in on a piece of the action after my silver medal at the weekends British Championships. Or … Continue reading Friday Brainstorm