Give me a break!

Training was going amazing, and then I had a ridiculous nerve issue which caused me pain in my foot. I missed two running sessions and a pole vault session. Just when everything was going so well. Then, on top of that the first pole vault session back I broke a pole didn’t I? This caused … Continue reading Give me a break!

How should athletes study?

As exam time sweeps around yet again, both athletes and coaches are familiar with the customary drop in performance that comes with this bi-annual event. Stress is stress, and the body can only handle so much in its tea cup before it overflows everywhere causing a real mess to all the preparations gone beforehand. Let … Continue reading How should athletes study?

When do you want it?

Watch any motivational video on youtube and the question usually posed is “How much do you want it?”. This is usually reinforced by a sexily cut montage of either epic performances or the really tough work-outs that led to these performances. But I ask you this question, of all the athletes who give up their … Continue reading When do you want it?

Luck, the uncontrolled variable

Eggs I went to the market the other day, trying to get some extra large, extra delicious farm fresh eggs (the extra large ones have a 72% greater probability of being double yolkers, true fact). The market runs from 9.30am till 1pm. I arrived at 12.30pm and they only had large ones left. This was … Continue reading Luck, the uncontrolled variable

Cooking Athletes in Near Boiling Water

Its such a dirty word around the athletics track, but I’m going to say it. Please, if you have young children, don't let them read the following sentence. I’ve been coaching a group of athletes for over a week now, and I’ve already had three athletes poached off me! The P word I’d barely finished … Continue reading Cooking Athletes in Near Boiling Water