How to build a powerful triangle

A powerful decision this week by British Athletics with possible far-reaching consequences. The European Championship qualifying standards were released this week, and from the strictly myopic viewpoint of a pole vaulter I think its great news.2012I remember 2012 well, a home Olympics sitting close to the European Championships on the calendar meant that athletes were … Continue reading How to build a powerful triangle

Revising for your Vitamin D test

Exciting November TimeIts a very awkward time of year for an athlete blogger to write about themselves. Training is a little bit monotonous, which I think can be a good thing, so theres not really much excitement to write about there. I could tell you all about how awesome my training is going, but I … Continue reading Revising for your Vitamin D test

Coach Education Cymru Stylee

Excuses, excuses....Ok, so I missed my personal Friday deadline once again, noone is going to be more disappointed about this fact than me, however, there is one big upside to this and that is that I can write this weeks blog about the three big coach education/development events that have been on in  the last … Continue reading Coach Education Cymru Stylee

148 Days and an Introduction

*This was my first blog, it's boring a rubbish, don't read it unless you've read everything else I've ever written and love me so much you won't judge Introduction I'm an athlete training towards the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. I train full time and work part-time. I'm not the world's most naturally talented athlete, I'm … Continue reading 148 Days and an Introduction