No one gets to the top on their own. I read a lot. I also listen to a lot of podcasts. I’ve had the good fortune to spend time with some of the worlds best coaches. The lifestyle and training philosophy that I’ve developed is an amalgamation of multiple influences with my own unique-ish twist and over-simplification applied. In no particular order:

Elite Level Athletic Training

Stu McMillan I’ve had the pleasure to spend several weeks with this guy, world class sprints coach and performance therapy interventions second to none. His blog covers various aspects relating to the philosophy and training of the athletics elite. Some very good reading.

Henk Kraaijenhof a really scientific approach to elite sprinting. Always discussing some cutting edge research, or applying science to the everyday training protocols. Awesome mind.

Rob Pacey runs an excellent podcast and website, for anyone interested in performance sport this should be a no-brainer.

Although I haven’t been able to spend a huge amount of time with them, both Dan Pfaff and Gerry Ramogida have also had an influence on the way I integrate coaching and therapy interventions. Any online videos or articles you can find by these guys are definitely worth your time watching. Also, if you are a British Athletic coach, highly recommend you check out UCoach, many presentations from Dan and Gerry, and tons of other awesome content (I am biased as I do both video editting for some of the presentations and write some of the coach education materials, but bare in mind this is still a FREE resource at the moment).


Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD fame, the biggest single influence on my approach to treatment, mobility and self-maintenance, my course entitled “Mobility and self-maintenance” is influenced by his work but much more targeted specifically for track athletes

Dr Andreo Spina a ridiculously cool name and master of the three letter trademark, but also pretty knowledgable on the anatomy and function of the human body. An interesting and useful approach to training and injury prevention

Ido Portal growing in popularity in part due to the exploits of a certain Irish, cage fighting, knock-out artist, but also in part because he has a very interesting philosophy around movement and training. One of the leaders in the ‘movement’ movement, directed more at the generalist, but with some interesting take-aways for elite performance.

Diet and Lifestyle

Robb Wolf and the paleo solution podcast, incredibly intelligent and surprisingly quite amusing, really solid nutrition, health and training advice

Other Podcasts etc.

Joe Rogan A slightly random one but the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has been a big influence on me and its entertaining enough to make long drives pass quickly. I don’t necessarily agree with everything discussed, but he has a very articulate way of putting out his thoughts and I find it interesting to get insight into how other peoples brains work.

The Tim Ferriss Show if you ever need to do something and only have 4 hours, this is your guy. Business, philosophy, health, fitness and how to optimize your life in general.

Radiolab carefully crafted audio storytelling on a wide variety of interesting topics. Perfectly entertaining and interesting

Freakonomics Radio I like the concept of economics but don’t necessarily agree with the amount of certainty people are willing to put into it, but Freakonomics, both the book and the podcast, discuss economic principles in an entertaining way and applied to interesting subject matter

TED talks and TED radio hour, just plain awesome, if you ever get a free 30 minutes to an hour you can get on their website and see some of the worlds smartest minds discussing all sorts of things. I love watching a video on a completely random topic and seeing how I can relate that to my training


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