Its those shoes you wear…..

I bought a new pair of shoes last week, and damn do I find this exciting, and yes I’m going to take this challenge and attempt to write an entire interesting blog based off of this. So why am I excited? Throughout the misery of my achilles injuries, I’ve discovered that one of the main … Continue reading Its those shoes you wear…..

The Welsh Indoor Record Aftermath

So for anyone reading this who doesn’t know, last Sunday I broke the Welsh indoor record for pole vault. Everyone on my facebook will be well aware as I ended up spamming my feed with loads of retweets and messages of congratulation, for this I apologise, but don’t really mean it. In case you missed … Continue reading The Welsh Indoor Record Aftermath

Going Home

There’s one thing I had in mind that I wanted to learn during my time in South Africa, and that was to appreciate wine. I’ve never been into wine, and I thought three weeks in the wine country I could do a wine tasting, learn to appreciate the nuances and maybe get to a point … Continue reading Going Home

Surviving the Journey aka. The perils of Negative Feedback

So here I sit, a day away from my first competition in 18 months, several failed comeback attempts later, an achilles operation under my belt, but still trying. Getting to the first competition seems like a bit of a result in itself, but a result equivalent to successfully escalating only the first step of an … Continue reading Surviving the Journey aka. The perils of Negative Feedback

Dealing With Injuries

So I nearly made it through week one of training.... Its amazing as an athlete how quickly you can go from on top of the world to lower than Barry White’s voice. And more often than not, the cause of this sudden drop will be injuries. Injuries suck, and the problem is they seem to … Continue reading Dealing With Injuries