Who got on to (crowd) funding?

Way back in the day, when roofs were still thatched and your car was fuelled by grass, because it was a horse, athletes used to work full-time jobs AND train. Crazy huh?! I think I may be one of the few athletes left competing in Britain who still refers to the British Trials as the … Continue reading Who got on to (crowd) funding?

The Logical Fallacy of Delusional Self-Confidence

*The following blog post is entirely fictional, any resemblance to actual events or characters is completely coincidental, please don’t take offence because I said you might no height at the weekend As most people in, or vaguely involved with athletics will know, this weekend is the British Championships. As usual, this will actually be televised, … Continue reading The Logical Fallacy of Delusional Self-Confidence

Control in South Africa

As I sit here in South Africa, I can’t think of one unifying theme to write about this week, maybe it’s the sun and the whole atmosphere relaxing me to the point where my brains actually allowed itself to turn down a few notches, or maybe its because we’re training this afternoon I haven’t had … Continue reading Control in South Africa