Will you be training on Christmas Day?

Personally, no, I won’t. As a pole vaulter, most of my sessions involve some type of equipment, be it a pole vault matt, runway and box, weights or even a track, and rarely are these accessible on Christmas day which limits my ability to do any of these sessions. But even if I was a … Continue reading Will you be training on Christmas Day?

Glute Manifesto (part 3) – Hacking Callipygia

Callipygian Definition: having well shaped buttocks Synonyms: Bootylicious, bumtastic, callipygious, rumpalicious (Props to Mitchell Wilson of tnt-coach.com for expanding my vocabulary) The Quick Hack If you’ve seen your physio, or done some self-diagnosis, and found that your glutes aren’t working, it can be a slow process to move back to full function. But it doesn’t … Continue reading Glute Manifesto (part 3) – Hacking Callipygia