Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?

Analysing the standard “fairy tale” structure there is a general trend if we follow the fortunes of the protagonist, lets use the epic tale of Cinderella as an example (spoiler alert: the following contains spoilers for the story of Cinderella if you’ve never read or watched it and intend to do so): Things start good … Continue reading Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?

My Road to Team Wales

*Disclaimer, if you read the blog for the edge of science performance hints, this one isn’t for you, its mostly about me and my feelings, apologies. I’ve always known that I work better to a deadline, and by ‘work better’ I mean actually get anything done. I’m currently sat here in Portugal on a preparation … Continue reading My Road to Team Wales

The Chase

Its that time of year again, AAA’s has gone (British Championships???) and theres still a few days left to secure you’re qualifying marks. The frenzied phone calls to meet organisers all over Europe, trying to fit 3 or 4 competitions in a week all because you know you’re in shape and just need to give … Continue reading The Chase

The Logical Fallacy of Delusional Self-Confidence

*The following blog post is entirely fictional, any resemblance to actual events or characters is completely coincidental, please don’t take offence because I said you might no height at the weekend As most people in, or vaguely involved with athletics will know, this weekend is the British Championships. As usual, this will actually be televised, … Continue reading The Logical Fallacy of Delusional Self-Confidence

VLog: 6/6/14 Welsh Commonwealth Games Team Announced

So today, I've tried something a little different, for reasons explained in the video I thought I'd try a video blog today. None likes the way they sound on recordings, and I am no exception. I've always believed that I was better at talking to people than I ever have been at writing, so why … Continue reading VLog: 6/6/14 Welsh Commonwealth Games Team Announced