How should athletes study?

As exam time sweeps around yet again, both athletes and coaches are familiar with the customary drop in performance that comes with this bi-annual event. Stress is stress, and the body can only handle so much in its tea cup before it overflows everywhere causing a real mess to all the preparations gone beforehand. Let … Continue reading How should athletes study?

The Welsh Indoor Record Aftermath

So for anyone reading this who doesn’t know, last Sunday I broke the Welsh indoor record for pole vault. Everyone on my facebook will be well aware as I ended up spamming my feed with loads of retweets and messages of congratulation, for this I apologise, but don’t really mean it. In case you missed … Continue reading The Welsh Indoor Record Aftermath

How can Monkeys Make us Stronger?

An interesting week. I have two reasons not to talk too much about my result at Vault Cardiff. The first one is I’m pissed off at myself. The last two weeks I’ve written blogs on the importance of focus and of state management, yet I get to the competition and completely throw all this out … Continue reading How can Monkeys Make us Stronger?

Maintaining Arousal at my First Competition

So last Sunday was my first competition back competing off full run. The Welsh Championships in Cardiff. Hopefully I’ve been able to upload a video of me below, clearing 5.10m. This was the highest I cleared that day. A few years ago I would’ve found it difficult to come away with this result being anything … Continue reading Maintaining Arousal at my First Competition