Why a cheetah doesn’t need to warm-up

My first ever post using just my phone, expect more than the average miss-spellings. Apologies in advance. A concept that keeps popping up to me recently is one put forward by Dr Bruce Ames which has been coined 'Triage theory' in relation to diet and micro-nutrients. This has actually been around since 2006 but seems … Continue reading Why a cheetah doesn’t need to warm-up

Luck, the uncontrolled variable

Eggs I went to the market the other day, trying to get some extra large, extra delicious farm fresh eggs (the extra large ones have a 72% greater probability of being double yolkers, true fact). The market runs from 9.30am till 1pm. I arrived at 12.30pm and they only had large ones left. This was … Continue reading Luck, the uncontrolled variable

My Road to Team Wales

*Disclaimer, if you read the blog for the edge of science performance hints, this one isn’t for you, its mostly about me and my feelings, apologies. I’ve always known that I work better to a deadline, and by ‘work better’ I mean actually get anything done. I’m currently sat here in Portugal on a preparation … Continue reading My Road to Team Wales

Dealing With Injuries

So I nearly made it through week one of training.... Its amazing as an athlete how quickly you can go from on top of the world to lower than Barry White’s voice. And more often than not, the cause of this sudden drop will be injuries. Injuries suck, and the problem is they seem to … Continue reading Dealing With Injuries