How can Monkeys Make us Stronger?

An interesting week. I have two reasons not to talk too much about my result at Vault Cardiff. The first one is I’m pissed off at myself. The last two weeks I’ve written blogs on the importance of focus and of state management, yet I get to the competition and completely throw all this out … Continue reading How can Monkeys Make us Stronger?

Glute Manifesto (part 3) – Hacking Callipygia

Callipygian Definition: having well shaped buttocks Synonyms: Bootylicious, bumtastic, callipygious, rumpalicious (Props to Mitchell Wilson of for expanding my vocabulary) The Quick Hack If you’ve seen your physio, or done some self-diagnosis, and found that your glutes aren’t working, it can be a slow process to move back to full function. But it doesn’t … Continue reading Glute Manifesto (part 3) – Hacking Callipygia

Recovery – Brains or Brawn?

Observations At this time of year, the only thing funnier than the speed with which athletes rush from their last set of weights in the gym to their pre-mixed protein shake, is the consistency of the facebook status’ and tweets the following day, each trying to outdo the other with their ridiculous exaggerations of how … Continue reading Recovery – Brains or Brawn?