Why a cheetah doesn’t need to warm-up

My first ever post using just my phone, expect more than the average miss-spellings. Apologies in advance. A concept that keeps popping up to me recently is one put forward by Dr Bruce Ames which has been coined 'Triage theory' in relation to diet and micro-nutrients. This has actually been around since 2006 but seems … Continue reading Why a cheetah doesn’t need to warm-up

The Breakfast Biscuit Fallacy

Ask anyone what their favourite meal of the day is and over 50% of people will generally say breakfast (I should definitely have a more robust statistic to base this whole argument on than the one I just fabricated, but bear with me). Why breakfast? Well my hypothesis is, that somehow over the years we’re … Continue reading The Breakfast Biscuit Fallacy

Week One and Superior Gut Health

Damn you freshers I suppose I really shouldn't complain, we have an absolutely awesome facility with pretty much total access all of the year. It just grinds my gears a little when the first day you're supposed to be back in training the whole track gets shut down just for some freshers bazaar thing at … Continue reading Week One and Superior Gut Health

You Are What You Eat!

Another Boring Week Its absolutely crazy how much time training takes up. Its not just the 4 or 5 hours a day I spend at the track or in the weights room, the two hours before training, where I wake, take my daily measurements, eat, and then have about 45 minutes which I don’t seem … Continue reading You Are What You Eat!