Give me a break!

Training was going amazing, and then I had a ridiculous nerve issue which caused me pain in my foot. I missed two running sessions and a pole vault session. Just when everything was going so well. Then, on top of that the first pole vault session back I broke a pole didn’t I? This caused … Continue reading Give me a break!

Cheating is Bad

When I tell people that I enjoy watching documentaries, they laugh at me. A really good documentary though, a truthful and honest examination of a certain facet of the human condition. Its factual (or some of it is), and the skill of the documentary maker to coax a story out of the real-life events. I … Continue reading Cheating is Bad

Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?

Analysing the standard “fairy tale” structure there is a general trend if we follow the fortunes of the protagonist, lets use the epic tale of Cinderella as an example (spoiler alert: the following contains spoilers for the story of Cinderella if you’ve never read or watched it and intend to do so): Things start good … Continue reading Athletics: The Fairy Tale Ending?

My Road to Team Wales

*Disclaimer, if you read the blog for the edge of science performance hints, this one isn’t for you, its mostly about me and my feelings, apologies. I’ve always known that I work better to a deadline, and by ‘work better’ I mean actually get anything done. I’m currently sat here in Portugal on a preparation … Continue reading My Road to Team Wales

The Chase

Its that time of year again, AAA’s has gone (British Championships???) and theres still a few days left to secure you’re qualifying marks. The frenzied phone calls to meet organisers all over Europe, trying to fit 3 or 4 competitions in a week all because you know you’re in shape and just need to give … Continue reading The Chase