When do you want it?

Watch any motivational video on youtube and the question usually posed is “How much do you want it?”. This is usually reinforced by a sexily cut montage of either epic performances or the really tough work-outs that led to these performances. But I ask you this question, of all the athletes who give up their … Continue reading When do you want it?

Quantified Tissue Quality

Reading Another week goes by, a load more training and a lot more reading. I definitely need to get back into books, and a bit more away from the “junky snack-food” like articles on the internet, they’re just so easy to read, and you get a really quick knowledge hit, but once you’ve read one … Continue reading Quantified Tissue Quality

The Importance of Feedback and Sleep

Modesty I honestly didn’t think writing this blog would have an affect on anyone. I kind of expected people to find it amusing, in that “Paul, you crazy” kind of way. But probably the biggest interest people have shown is in the actual monitoring of sleep. I talked about using the sleep cycle app early … Continue reading The Importance of Feedback and Sleep

A Good Week Quantified by HRV

Last Week of Training So this week is the last week of training before taking some time off, 2 weeks to rest up and probably more importantly recover mentally before starting the hard slog of winter training. Hard slog may be the wrong term however, we run a fairly progressive programme with a much higher … Continue reading A Good Week Quantified by HRV