I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10

Two things happened this week, Craig Pickering wrote a blog on sleep (don’t know why I’m promoting his stuff after he spammed my news feed all week with it, also feel free to catch up on the times where I’ve written about sleep here and here), and I had to work an extra couple of … Continue reading I’m an athlete, I go to bed at 10

Red sky in the morning…..

I may not make much (read: any) money from athletics, but there are certain perks to it. I get to meet cool people, I spend every day doing something that I love, oh yeah, and theres the travelling. Now I don’t mean the sort of travelling which almost everyone on Facebook comes back from with … Continue reading Red sky in the morning…..

The Importance of Feedback and Sleep

Modesty I honestly didn’t think writing this blog would have an affect on anyone. I kind of expected people to find it amusing, in that “Paul, you crazy” kind of way. But probably the biggest interest people have shown is in the actual monitoring of sleep. I talked about using the sleep cycle app early … Continue reading The Importance of Feedback and Sleep

Testosterone, Alcohol and the Athlete

A Big Night Out Well not a lot to report training wise, as since I posted last, I’ve only done one training session and now I’ve started my end-of-season-break. That one session was pretty good though. I ran a p.o.b. (post-operative best) in flying 20s, of 2.11 seconds. Flying 20s are a rough measure of … Continue reading Testosterone, Alcohol and the Athlete