Red sky in the morning…..

I may not make much (read: any) money from athletics, but there are certain perks to it. I get to meet cool people, I spend every day doing something that I love, oh yeah, and theres the travelling. Now I don’t mean the sort of travelling which almost everyone on Facebook comes back from with … Continue reading Red sky in the morning…..

Control in South Africa

As I sit here in South Africa, I can’t think of one unifying theme to write about this week, maybe it’s the sun and the whole atmosphere relaxing me to the point where my brains actually allowed itself to turn down a few notches, or maybe its because we’re training this afternoon I haven’t had … Continue reading Control in South Africa

Whats your New Years Resolution?

No excuse for being late on this weeks blog, I was so prepared, I had this written on Wednesday, but then we slipped into the black hole in the space time continuum which is the week between Xmas and New Years. I just didn’t realise what day of the week it was. I’m currently packing … Continue reading Whats your New Years Resolution?