Give me a break!

Training was going amazing, and then I had a ridiculous nerve issue which caused me pain in my foot. I missed two running sessions and a pole vault session. Just when everything was going so well. Then, on top of that the first pole vault session back I broke a pole didn’t I? This caused … Continue reading Give me a break!

My Road to Team Wales

*Disclaimer, if you read the blog for the edge of science performance hints, this one isn’t for you, its mostly about me and my feelings, apologies. I’ve always known that I work better to a deadline, and by ‘work better’ I mean actually get anything done. I’m currently sat here in Portugal on a preparation … Continue reading My Road to Team Wales

Did you hear? I went to America

Saturday 3rd May was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make in my athletics career. You turn up to a competition, its possibly the sickest (urban dictionary: best) conditions you’ve ever seen, beautiful sunshine, a consistent tailwind, a good group of positive competitors. Warm-up goes great, you feel like you’re moving well, … Continue reading Did you hear? I went to America

A Low Density Approach to Learning to Juggle

For anyone who isn’t already following me on the whole host of social media we currently have at our disposal, I’m currently in Phoenix, Arizona. For those that do, hope you’re not bored of all my pictures yet, I’m not trying to make you jealous, promise. This trip was organised as part of the partnership … Continue reading A Low Density Approach to Learning to Juggle

The Welsh Indoor Record Aftermath

So for anyone reading this who doesn’t know, last Sunday I broke the Welsh indoor record for pole vault. Everyone on my facebook will be well aware as I ended up spamming my feed with loads of retweets and messages of congratulation, for this I apologise, but don’t really mean it. In case you missed … Continue reading The Welsh Indoor Record Aftermath