Did you hear? I went to America

Saturday 3rd May was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make in my athletics career. You turn up to a competition, its possibly the sickest (urban dictionary: best) conditions you’ve ever seen, beautiful sunshine, a consistent tailwind, a good group of positive competitors. Warm-up goes great, you feel like you’re moving well, … Continue reading Did you hear? I went to America

A Low Density Approach to Learning to Juggle

For anyone who isn’t already following me on the whole host of social media we currently have at our disposal, I’m currently in Phoenix, Arizona. For those that do, hope you’re not bored of all my pictures yet, I’m not trying to make you jealous, promise. This trip was organised as part of the partnership … Continue reading A Low Density Approach to Learning to Juggle

Red sky in the morning…..

I may not make much (read: any) money from athletics, but there are certain perks to it. I get to meet cool people, I spend every day doing something that I love, oh yeah, and theres the travelling. Now I don’t mean the sort of travelling which almost everyone on Facebook comes back from with … Continue reading Red sky in the morning…..

Coach Education Cymru Stylee

Excuses, excuses....Ok, so I missed my personal Friday deadline once again, noone is going to be more disappointed about this fact than me, however, there is one big upside to this and that is that I can write this weeks blog about the three big coach education/development events that have been on in  the last … Continue reading Coach Education Cymru Stylee