We are passionate about improving performance. We use lessons learned working with Olympic athletes and Formula One teams to bring a science-based system of improvement.

Performance Coaching

Coaching. Teaching. Leading.

A process of developing intrinsic motivation in an individual or group in order to enhance performance.

Although domains may differ, principles still apply. Olympians, drivers and record breaking pit-crews. The commonality is elevating people. 

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is not enough. Injury is not ‘just a part of sport’.

Hands on manual treatment is great but its only part of the solution. Rehabilitation and strengthening are also only components of a comprehensive program.

Injury prevention is the start of a continuum which extends all the way to performance improvement.

Driver Training

Experience in Formula 1 and GT Racing. Driver training is about developing confidence through competence. Knowing that when you get into the car you have the physical and psychological tools to handle the conditions, and the capacity to adapt to those unpredictable factors.

Performing well is easy when everything goes well, but championships are won when they don’t.

Currently available for speaking and education events. Some spaces available for online coaching.

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