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Hi, I’m Paul. I’ve been involved in international sport for nearly 20 years and working with elite athletes and coaches personally for over a decade. My experiences have taught me that every sport and individual deserves a unique process and  training plan, directly built around your goals. If you desire to improve both physically and mentally, whilst ensuring your performance is always the priority, you are finally in the right place… Feel free to browse the website and read a bit more on how Quantified Athlete works, or contact me directly so we can start building your personal program together.

Whether you need direction and support for your training, you have ongoing injuries that have slowed your progress, you want to draw on our extensive experience solving high level performance problems or you just want to ask a question, we will provide the performance coaching solutions for your unique situation.

Performance Coaching

Are you an athlete with the goal to perform at the highest level possible? Each year that goes by without progressing is a large part of your short career that has been lost. Don’t waste any more time. Get in contact with us today and get back to training with purpose, direction and progression, like the professional you are.

Injury Prevention

As an athlete, carrying injuries (big or small)  can feel like wearing a strait-jacket. You are constantly being restricted and held back from giving 100%. Our physical resilience programs work around your current training by integrating new exercises to help drive lasting change. Remove whatever is holding you back. Stop ineffectively treating symptoms. Regain full, pain-free function of your body.

Corporate Speaking and Wellness

You are an elite performer in the business world. There ARE differences between business and sport, but the problems we face and the lessons we learn are parallel. With 20 years spent working and performing in elite level sport, we are giving you the ability to tap into our experiences, varying from working with Olympic athletes, to Formula 1 teams. Your message and direction, delivered with a sports performance perspective.

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