What’s holding you back?

You hear it all the time in a post-race interview, but when do you really see it in real-life “I gave it 110%”. Did you really? Despite the obvious numerical fallacy in the statement how often do you see that any more? That whole-hearted, jumping in with two feet kind of commitment? Perhaps its a … Continue reading What’s holding you back?


10 reasons to buy a t-shirt

Theres a reason that I’ve never written a list-type blog before. They are a popular way to get more clicks to a particular site, and they look really good when shared on Facebook, but I feel that morally this would be sinking low, and using a trick to get more visits to my site. Well … Continue reading 10 reasons to buy a t-shirt

A Mental Approach to Competing and/or getting a Husband

This Sunday, January 26th, is the Welsh Championships. This also marks the start of my indoor season, my first indoor season since 2010 (wow! when I say these numbers out loud it make me sound old). I’m pretty excited about this fact. For anyone who follows the blog, or has seen me walking around with … Continue reading A Mental Approach to Competing and/or getting a Husband