Cooking Athletes in Near Boiling Water

Its such a dirty word around the athletics track, but I’m going to say it. Please, if you have young children, don't let them read the following sentence. I’ve been coaching a group of athletes for over a week now, and I’ve already had three athletes poached off me! The P word I’d barely finished … Continue reading Cooking Athletes in Near Boiling Water

Friday Brainstorm

How did it get to Friday already? I was having severe difficulty coming up with something to write about, probably because I’ve been so distracted by all the agents and kit manufacturers trying to contact me and get in on a piece of the action after my silver medal at the weekends British Championships. Or … Continue reading Friday Brainstorm

Minimum effective dose vs LD50 for training

This is going to be one of my shorter blogs, but hopefully just as thought provoking. First a copy and paste on minimum effective dose (MED) from wikipedia: An effective dose (ED) in pharmacology is the dose or amount of drug that produces a therapeutic response or desired effect in some fraction of the subjects … Continue reading Minimum effective dose vs LD50 for training

Going Home

There’s one thing I had in mind that I wanted to learn during my time in South Africa, and that was to appreciate wine. I’ve never been into wine, and I thought three weeks in the wine country I could do a wine tasting, learn to appreciate the nuances and maybe get to a point … Continue reading Going Home