The biomechanics of Long Jump, with or without a leg

Markus Rehm of just won the IPC World Championships in the Long Jump event. The big difference between his victory and all the other gold medals winners out in Doha, is that his performance would put him in the mix for medals at the able-bodied World Championships as well. This victory thrusts him into the … Continue reading The biomechanics of Long Jump, with or without a leg

Chasing the dragon

This post is a metaphor. The metaphor was going to be around the longest relationship I’ve ever had in my life, other than with my family. The relationship that is the pole vault. I started writing it, but I couldn’t finish, nothing about me could fathom why I would continue in a relationship so one-sided, … Continue reading Chasing the dragon

What time does training start?

10am when you arrive at the track? 9am when you do your visualisation to maximise todays session? 8.30am when you eat the appropriate fuel for the session? 8am, when you get up with enough time to be 100% ready for your session? 10.30pm as you go to bed with enough time to get a good … Continue reading What time does training start?

The Dangers of an Open Mind

When I was young, I loved maths and science. I got asked a question and knew I could give a right answer. I couldn’t stand the foofiness (pronounced foo-fee-ness) of say English Language, where I was asked to interpret a poem, and then told that my interpretation was wrong, as if the teacher had been … Continue reading The Dangers of an Open Mind

Feed Your Ecosystem

Any of you who have been following this blog from the start, and I doubt there are many of you, may remember my initial blog on the microbiota and probiotics, if not you should definitely read it here. That one is a bit more science based and this one I think I got a bit … Continue reading Feed Your Ecosystem